- Member Of The Board Of Iranian IT Industry Regulatory Association
- Deputy Chairman Of Khorasan IT Industry Regulatory Association
- Member Of The Board Of Mashhad Computer Union
- Founder And Managing Director Of Green Computers
- Board Member Of Almasshargh (The Largest Shopping Mall In Iran)
- General Manager Of Bella Complex
- Chairman Of GreenWeb Company
- Moderator Of HostIran Company
- Proprietor Of Tabliq Company
- Owner Of Five Hundred TOP Level Domains Including 70 Three Letter .COM (TLDs)

Green computers was first established in 1990 under the name of Techno Cad with the aim of starting an upheaval in computer service industry in Iran. In 1996 the company changed its name with the purpose of broadening the company's field of activities.
At present, Green Computers are proud to offer superior computer technology with the support of credible international companies. Green computers ranked number one in Mashhad Computer Cooperative Hardware Survey and was named
among the top five companies in Mashhad in 2000, 2001, 2002 .
Green Web
was founded in Canada in 2002 and has branched out internationally to United Arab Emirates and Iran. Green Web specializes in Information Technology, mainly Internet and E-commerce.
The main goal of the company is to create advertising sites in the Internet and a chain of inter-related commercial and information sites in different fields. Green Web has designed and supported over 1000 information and commercial sites, 20 of which has more than 10 million views a month.
Commercial Department:
Sales and after sales service representative for the all companies in : www.Rayaneh.com
Service Department:
Web provider including Search Engine, Web Design, Domain Registration,Web Hosting,Designing On Line systems, Providing support for domestic or international networks using the following operating systems: Windows NT, Novell, Xnix, Unix, Linux. Installation of satellite linked sites and Wan sites using V.Sat and Wireless Networking.
Server Backups:
DVD Rom,Optical Drive,Tip Cartridge,Zip Drive,Tape Bachup Providing state of the art graphic systems for Animation Video
Capturing, 3D, Rendering, Editing After sales service for Genicom, HP, Epson printers and LG Monitors, Providing the best personal computers to meet your exact needs and requirements at competitive prices Providing annual and monthly support and maintenance of all kinds of Project Management for banks, governmental offices and organizations.
Installation of Remote Boot on networks and work stations without hard drive or floppy disk for the fist time in Iran with acknowledgment of the Invention Organization in Iran. Providing Online shopping on internet sites using Shetab accounts for the first time in Iran.
Receiving appreciation awards from the following institutions:
Mashhad International Organization for Migration (IOM) United Nations system ,Mashhad City Hall, University of Medical Sciences in Mashhad, Mashhad Rail Road, Jihad University of Mashhad, Mashhad municipality, Saderat Bank, …….

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